Formerly I was inclined to discriminate between the governing elite of that country and its people. I strongly disliked the former, because of their insolent greed, their dull stubbornness, lack of taste and abhorrence towards any-one different than themselves.

The people as I used to think of them, were regular human beings having their regular human joys and despairs, living their lives and aching their pains. Like you, like me.

These days keep demonstrating me my wrongness. More and more frequently I find myself realizing that those people and that elite are essentially the same. Not only the people deserve those who govern them, but they are truly represented by those. And this discovery has made me gloomy and depressed. I started to feel ashamed when naive Israelis call me Russian. I feel embarrassment by the fact that we share one language.


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I am completely shaken by this post. Deeply to the fact that I can 100% relate to it - living in America for 20 years, every time I was called "Russian" I felt deeply ashamed. Even more - I remember long ago when in a Russian chatroom everybody started to chant "Russian and proud of it" I was permanently banned for the phase "Russian and ashamed of it". However it was not quite true: I am not Russian, I am Jewish; nevertheless all those "proud" idiots were no more Russians than I was.

...In those days when co-workers started to ask me about "your army invading Georgia", I exploded. That is not my army, Russia is not my country, never was and never will be.

thanks. I really needed such a comment.

А почему по-английски-то? Ты кого-то стесняешься?

Да нет, конечно. Тем более, уж на таком уровне английский все знают (или пользуются он-лайн переводчиками). Просто типа протестнул.

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